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Vintage Quills' Journal
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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
12:47 pm
Important Dates
Yet another reference post... Many events take place during this era that affect everyone. This is a timeline of exact dates, to help when writing letters. Major personal events are found on the character biographies and the other timelines linked to in the Community Information Page.

Please comment here so that I can keep this accurate and updated. Also, for a few items, such as the announcement for the May ball, I made up the specific date itself pretty much at random and can change it if convenient.


Saturday, 5 November, 1938 - Gryffindor beats Ravenclaw 280 to 70

Saturday, 4 May, 1940 - Hogsmead Weekend

Saturday, 14 February, 1942 - Hogsmead Weekend
Monday, 2 March, 1942 - May Dance announced
Thursday, 2 April, 1942 - Minerva McGonagall successfully accomplishes Animagus transformation
Friday, 30 April, 1942 - May Dance

Thursday, 15 April, 1943 - The Chamber of Secrets is opened; attacks begin shortly after this date. Tom and Minerva's relationship ends abruptly.
Sunday, 13 June, 1943 - Myrtle Mason dies
Wednesday, 16 June, 1943 - Hagrid is caught with an Acromantula; the attacks cease
Thursday, 17 June, 1943 - Hagrid officially expelled

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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
11:58 am
Vintage People
I've updated our list of people here, per recent discussions of who's in which year. This is a mix of JKR Canon and CQ canon.

*pokes list* Poor Puffs. We need some more yellow here, lovelies

Please comment here if you create other students or name the anonymous staff!

Hogwarts Staff:
Headmaster: Armando Dippet

Ancient Runes:
Arithmancy: Ada Agnesi (HoH)
Astronomy: - Hydra
Care of Magical Creatures: Baeddon Beedle
Charms: - Kegg
Defense against the Dark Arts: Galatea Merrythought
History of Magic: - Herbert (HoH, until his death in Summer 1943)
Professor Binns (still alive during the Vintage Years)
Muggle Studies:
Potions: Horace Slughorn (HoH beginning in Sept of 1943)
Transfiguration: Albus Dumbledore (HoH)

Flying Intructor/Quidditch Referee: Madame ___ Hooch (a relative of Harry's Hooch)
Groundskeeper: Ogg
Librarian: Rupert Rochester

Hogwarts Students:

Eunice Murray (Seeker)

Cecil Brown (Beater)

William Weasley (Keeper)

Augusta (Longbottom)
Dagmara Corby
Mezerean (Weasley)
Minerva A. McGonagall (Chaser) _tartantabby_

Alphard Black snakes_heart

Bernard Thomas

Antonin Dolohov _kniaz
Arcturus Black
Matthew Avery
Ophiuchus Lestrange
Septimus Prince
Tom M. Riddle serpent_lord

Madeline Warbeck
Olive Hornby
Sanara Sinistra lefthandstars
Veronica Smethley

Elizabeth Prewett
Myrtle Mason outofthetoilet

Robert Danes


Rubeus Hagrid
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
9:55 pm
Oh, I'm so excited! I've been waiting to join Communiquills for so long and now it's finally happened I want to do everything at once. Everyone has been so welcoming so far and I would like to thank you all, you've made the waiting for the new application process worthwhile! I hope I will soon get the opertunity to roleplay with everyone on the site.

I appologise for some of the incomplete sections of this factfile, but I promise I will update and amend it as things change. 

Cross-posted to slytherquills - sorry if you've read this twice.

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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
3:35 pm
New Vintage Player!
I'd like to welcome Myrtle Mason (outofthetoilet) to the Vintage years! She will be a Ravenclaw from 1938 to her untimely death in 1943... *pointedly looks at Tom*

After that she will be perving on haunting the students of Hogwarts of all generations!

So, hello to Jessica! Please post your Character FAQs here too (F-locked to keep plotting info restricted to the comm)! Also, you'll need to speak with Rose (Sanara Sinistra's player) at length, I think, to make sure your play of Myrtle works with what she has already put into canon.

Hopefully, with apps open, we shall be getting a few more Vintage players in the next few weeks as well.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
10:32 pm
Alphard Black's Resume
Here's the information for Alphard. Feel free to ask him any question you want. He may not answer, though...
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